Symposia aims to discuss actionable responses to emerging health challenges and provide intelligent insights during the interdisciplinary discussion with speakers. While tackling universal health promotion, intersection of pharmacy and psychiatry, and the current perspectives of current health issues, these series of symposia provide an opportunity for participants to be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge and to be acquainted with the competencies that can offer significant assistance to uplift the current situation of healthcare. 


Different workshops of APPS 2021 serve as a platform for young minds to have an engaging and interactive learning experience. These provide different sets of learning opportunities with great diversity that allows participants to envision their versatility as pharmacists. Through peer-learning techniques, workshops introduce skills and ideas that are not just relevant and productive, but also memorable. These comprise educational sessions, promotion of advocacies, digital pharmacy, professional development and introduction of Filipino culture.



To provide more perspectives in striving for excellence in the pharmacy profession, various competitions will take place in APPS 2021. These events aim to impart motivation to develop knowledge and skills to initiate the growth of competent pharmacists. Different competitions serve as a platform for young minds to have an interactive, participation-based or independent learning experience. Continuously developing professional capabilities to deliver improved and high quality of care as pharmacists, an integral part of the healthcare professionals team, is of high importance.


Understanding how vital the role is of being a pharmacist in promoting disease prevention is important to effectively deliver public health campaigns. Particularly, APPS 2021 advocates for good immunization practices. Unfortunately, millions of people have vaccine hesitancy. This emphasizes why it is pertinent to relay truthful information about how vaccination works and encourage participation by debunking misconception.  As it is part of a pharmacist’s duty to be an effective communicator and researcher, discussions regarding immunization are of great relevance especially in today’s context.