Patient Counseling Event

This competition facilitates pharmacy students to connect with patients and apply their communication and patient counseling skills in the context of case scenario. Providing vital information, advice and assistance in promoting safe and effective use of medicines are the expected outcome of this competition.

Clinical Skills Event

The Clinical Skills event encourages pharmacy students to develop their clinical problem-solving skills and to promote the role of pharmacists in patient care. It focuses on using clinical knowledge to solve and to improve patient’s drug therapy.

Poster Competition

This competition aims to raise awareness and amplify the knowledge on healthcare-related issues. The participants are tasked to submit informative and concise abstracts on research topics within the fields of pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy practice or pharmacy education that will be presented during the event.

Interprofessional Collaboration Competition

Interprofessional collaboration serves a platform to promote the active cooperation of various healthcare disciplines. Participants consist of not only pharmacy students, but students from the medical, dental, veterinarian, and other fields of healthcare. The event aims to solve health issues and improve quality of education and care through intersections of health disciplines.